Dr. Jordi Cirera

Facultat de Química 
Universitat de Barcelona
Diagonal, 645 
08028 Barcelona 

0000-0002-9564-9819 j_cirera

I was born in Barcelona (1979) and got my degree in chemistry in 2002. In 2006 I obtained my PhD in chemistry working on the interplay between electronic structure and stereochemistry in transition metal complexes under the supervision of Profs. Santiago Alvarez and Eliseo Ruiz. I spent several years in California working on the theoretical modeling of spectroscopic properties of copper metalloproteins and spin-crossover processes in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). My research interests focus on the study of the electronic structure in spin-crossover systems of varying complexity, from molecules to clusters to condensed phases using different computational tools.  I am currently a «Ramon y Cajal» research associate at Universitat de Barcelona.