• Symmetry Measures of the Electron Density


Prof. Santiago Alvarez, Prof. Pere Alemany, Prof. Miquel Llunell

Continuous symmetry measures (CSM), continuous chirality measures (CCM) and continuous shape measures (CShM) provide simple and accurate stereochemical descriptors for molecular structures.  Derived tools, such as shape maps, minimal distortion paths, and generalized polyhedral interconversion coordinates have been developed in our research group.  Their application to large structural data sets has allowed us to redefine the qualitative rules that govern the stereochemical preferences of four- and six-coordinate complexes.

For some stereochemical problems one needs a better description of molecular shape and symmetry than that given by the atomic positions.  To fulfill that need we have proposed an extension of the CSM approach to analyze chemical bonding in terms of the symmetry contents of the electron density, the Hamiltonian or of individual molecular orbitals.

Main Results of Our Research in this Field

SHAPE 2.1 – Our software for obtaining continuous shape measures of coordination polyhedra and derived properties is available for download.

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