Researcher Jorge Echeverría, who obtained his Ph.D. in 2010 under the supervision of Prof. Santiago Alvarez, has been awarded the Ramon Margalef prize, given by the Social Council of the Universitat de Barcelona. The prize is given every year to the best paper resulting from a Ph.D. thesis in the field of natural sciences, and recognizes his theoretical and computational study «Dihydrogen contacts in alkanes are subtle but not faint», published in Nature Chemistry. The research was carried out within the Electronic Structure Group of the Universitat de Barcelona, in collaboration with researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, lead by Prof. Sason Shaik. In his work, Echeverría has demonstrated that under certain conditions, the intermolecular interactions between C-H groups, ubiquitous in the crystal structures of organic compounds, can be stronger than is usually accepted. The discovery can help a better undrstanding of the packing forces that determine the relative stability of polymorphic forms that are of utmost importance for pattenting drugs.